Policies and Procedures 

Thank you for enrolling with us at Aditi’s Bollywood Dance Sensation. We make sure that our students not only learn dance, they also enjoy every moment of it. Please read carefully our Policies and Procedures. For any further questions, please feel free to contact us at (832)871-7272


The fee is payable as one single payment at the beginning of each month before the 5th of each month. The fees will be charged at the time of registration for the prorated period of the first month. Failure to make payment by the 5th will result in a $10 late fee.
The preferred payment mode is by Zelle.
The registered phone number is 832-871-7272. The student’s name and the month for which the fee is paid must be mentioned for each Zelle transaction in the comments. Cash payments if done must be done in a Ziploc bag with the student’s name and month written on the bag.
If you decide to discontinue the class due to any reason, we would need fifteen days of advanced notice. Group Class Fee: The tuition fee is every month and not pay-per-class. Monthly class fees are as follows:
$60 per month for 1 class per week
$100 per month for 2 classes per week
At the time of joining, an advance payment of 15 days is collected in addition to the first month fee. This advance payment is applied towards the last month of your classes. Once you have enrolled and paid your fee, you will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstance.
The fee is monthly. If a student cannot make it to the class then it will not affect the monthly payment for that month but if the teacher cancels the class then a make-up class will always be provided for the same.
There will be a separate fee attached to each time you rent a costume before performing in any event. The fees will be disclosed closer to the event. If in case you are committed to the event but then back out, you will be liable to pay the price of the rental costume

Studio Etiquette:

Welcome to your new dance home! This is how we keep our dance home safe, clean and inviting for everyone.
You are coming to class to learn. Even though dance is fun, it makes great performances by commitment and dedication, which need to come from students.
We want all dancers to feel comfortable while learning without any distractions. This includes cell phones too! Let’s block out distractions that can be avoided while we are learning. No food, snacking or drink in the dance room, besides water.
Filming in the studio is prohibited. However, we can film practice sessions with the consent of all the participants Parents are not allowed to record any dance session unless it is asked by the instructor These are the videos for private viewing to help recap the dance and should not be posted publicly anywhere or on social media. Parents are required to wait outside until the class is over.

Very Important Notes

From time to time we may use images, class and performance video recordings for our marketing and publicity. Please indicate if you would allow us or not to use your images and recordings on your registration form.


Be on time! Tardiness is very disruptive. Please notify the studio if you are unable to attend class. If a student is absent from class, they are responsible for learning the steps taught in the lesson missed. If attendance becomes a problem, the student’s participation in the event will be discussed with the possibility of not being able to perform.


NEW Students can drop in for a FREE first trial class.


Parent communication is the key. We would contact you frequently about class reminders, upcoming events, practice sessions, costumes etc. You will also receive communication about student’s progress in their dance forms and expressions All communications will be made in person or online through whats app, text messages, emails, and phone calls.

Safety Policy:

Our student’s safety is of primary importance! Students of all ages should be walked into the dance studio by their parents or chaperones. If they are to go home with someone other than the person who dropped them off, please let the teacher know when they are dropped off. Parents should arrive to pick up their child BEFORE the class ends. Students should be picked up on time Please make sure your child knows not to leave the class without you.

Lost and Found:

Please mark all dancewear, shoes, and personal items with your child’s name. We will make every effort to locate and return lost items; however, we cannot be responsible for any items that your child or any adult brings to class. We hope that your experience with us will be pleasant and you will enjoy every moment of learning with us!

Aditi Gupta
Phone: (832)871-7272
Email Address: aditi2808@gmail.com

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